Host a Birthday Party in a Creative Place

There are many reasons that hosting a birthday party at your home will not work. You may have a small space to entertain in. The idea of cleaning for a week straight before the party may make you stress out. Or your home may be a long distance from the majority of your party guests. Whatever the reason you will need an alternative location to host your party at. Here are five suggestions for a creative place to host a party.

1) Kid Friendly Restaurant. There are a number of chain restaurants that cater to children as well as locally owned ones. The best place to start looking is at restaurants that you already eat at. Ask if they have a birthday party package or a special room that you can rent. This is a great option as they take care of the clean-up, food, party supplies, decorations, and sometimes even the entertainment and games for you.

2) Local Park. Having a party outside works the best when the weather is nice. If your park has pavilion rentals that is the best option. That way your party guests will have some shelter in case of rain. Restrooms are also a plus. Parks usually have a playground. That will be a hit for children. Potato sack races and water balloon tosses are perfect for this type of party.

3) Children’s Museum. Museums can be stuffy places where children are not allowed to touch anything. A children’s museum is another story though. Everything is made for touching. This is a great place to host a birthday party at. It is both fun and educational. Call yours to see if they have a party room that you can rent.

4) Bounce House. This is a great place for children to run, play and jump. It is excellent for burning off all that sugar high energy after birthday cake. They often have inflatable moon walks and slides that children love.

5) Bowling Alley. Bowling is a fun sport that many children probably have not had the chance to play. Your local alley probably has a party package that includes bowling shoes, balls, lane time, and food. Kids will have a great time seeing how many pins they can knock down and trying to figure out how to keep score.

There are many different creative places to host a party. These are just a few of them.

Creativity in Business


Creativity! – Are you Creative? Can you learn to be creative or is it something you are born with?

Creativity is a process of developing and expressing novel ideas that are likely to be useful.


Creativity is defined as the tendency to generate or recognize ideas, alternatives, or possibilities that may be useful in solving problems, communicating with others, and entertaining ourselves and others.

Therefore creativity is a process that anyone can improve on. Defining that process and improving on it is what we need to do to increase our creativity. Moreover, the purpose or goal of the creative process is the solving of a particular problem or the satisfying of a specific need, so if we keep this in mind, our process will have better results.

In order to be creative, you need to be able to view things in new ways or from a different perspective. Creativity involves convergent as well as divergent thinking. The creative process begins with divergent thinking–a breaking away from familiar or established ways of seeing and doing that produces novel ideas. Convergent thinking occurs in the later stages of the process. As the original ideas generated by the divergent thinking are communicated to others, they are evaluated to determine which ideas are genuinely novel and worth pursuing.

Again, creativity is a process you employ to improve your problem solving. So you’re not done until your creative efforts have produced a product, service, or process that answers the original need or solves the problem you identified at the outset.

Creativity is a widely misunderstood subject. Do you have any of the following misconceptions about creativity? Doing away with them will improve your creative potential

Misconception #1: Intelligent people are more creative. This is wrong as intelligence correlates with creativity only up to a point. Once you have enough intelligence to do your job, the relationship no longer holds.

Misconception #2: Young people are more creative than the old. In the business world, the necessary creativity can be found in an adult of any age. At the same time, however, expertise can at times inhibit creativity: experts sometimes find it difficult to see or think outside established patterns.

Misconception #3: Creativity is reserved for the few–the flamboyant, high rollers. The willingness to take calculated risks and the ability to think in untraditional ways do play a role in creativity. But that does not mean you have to be on the wild side, or take the midnight jet to Vegas for a quick 24 hours in order to be creative. It does not mean that you have to be markedly different from everyone else.

Contrary to popular conception, writes Peter Drucker, most innovators “in real life are unromantic figures, and much more likely to spend hours on a cash-flow projection than to dash off looking for ‘risks.'” On rare occasions, those innovations will be visionary leaps forward that revolutionize an industry. But more often they will be small improvements that advance the organizational cause.

Misconception #4: The creative act is something you do alone. Actually many of the world’s most important inventions resulted not from the work of one lone genius, but from the a group of people working together.

So to improve our Creativity there are a few areas we can work on. Number one is curiosity. Don’t hold back. Ask questions, wonder why, look outside the box and the everyday things you see all the time – not only in your work, but in other things around you.

Challenge yourself, and others to do things differently and that will make you see things differently. Take a different way to work. Eat at new restaurants. Talk to new people. Talk about things you don’t know anything about.

Don’t be satisfied with the way things are. Shake things up! Don’t settle. Provide a little constructive criticism, or even constructive discontent. Open the door to new ideas.

And finally look for opportunity. The silver lining in the cloud is only found by examining the cloud in detail, not simply accepting it as a rainy day. Look for ways to do better, faster, smarter, and ask others to help you find better ways.

The Advantages of Hiring Corporate Entertainment for Your Business

Corporate entertainment is basically corporate events organised by various companies for their employees, clients and investors. Most companies refer to it as corporate hospitality and define it as, ‘any event for the benefit of an organisation entertaining clients or staff, or prospective clients, at the organisations expense.’

Companies outsource most of these events to entertainment agencies. These agencies act as event planners and organise the whole event based on criteria’s set out by companies. Some examples of services offered by these agencies range from organising live bands, comedy acts, catering, stationaries to booking accommodation and venues.

Some of the most typical corporate events can be categorised into conferences, seminars, team building, themed parties, Incentive travel, award ceremonies and dinners and retreats.

Conferences can be small or large scale depending on the type of organisation. It ranges from medical, academic, business, training to Internet conferences. Hosting such an event involves an ideal venue, catering, accommodation, stationary, drinking water and good sound system.

The seminars are informal academic lectures, which are aimed at a diverse audience where all participants can share opinions and debate on a subject. Seminars are a way for companies to keep up with current information and technology. They are always planned in advance and the size of the venue will depend on the number of people attending. Engaging a keynote speaker is the most important part of the event as this determines the success of any kind of seminar.

Team Building events are meant for motivating, developing and encouraging employees. There are various exercises designed for teams to cooperate and work towards a common goal. In the process it builds trust, relationships, morale and productivity.

Themed parties are designed to entertain everyone involved within the organisation to relax and enjoy a stress free evening. Casino theme night is a popular choice where all age groups enjoy a common interest.

Incentive travel is a form of reward for both employees and customers. Companies use incentive travel as a marketing tool that not only increases sales but also motivates and retains loyalty within and outside the organisation.

Award ceremonies and dinners are meant for awarding company personnel’s, shareholders and clients for their achievements and loyalty. It is an event for achieving new milestones, concluding a successful year and so on.

Retreats are meant to give that much needed relaxation and entertainment. It is aimed to promote creativity and stress freethinking.

Let Your Creative Juices Flow – Explore the Gifts Within Yourself

What is it that pushes your creative buttons? Art, music, home decorating, writing, making jewelry? There are so many ways to express what lies within that creative part of you…are you spending some time doing any of those things? If not, why not? Is daily life sucking away your hours day-in and day-out like a vacuum? Maybe it’s time to put your foot down and make a decision.

Here’s the thing, we need to express those creative things that percolate within us. We need to give vent to those things that we’re good at; creatively speaking. Some people love to make cakes, but they only do it about once a year. That’s simply not enough! Some people love to roller-skate and they do it every couple of years because they just can’t seem to find the time, or they consider it mere entertainment. It could be the very activity needed to find clarity about your life.

Now I’m not against entertainment, but there is definitely no shortage of it. We are the “entertain me” generation. From television, to movies, to video games–we are consumers gone mad when it comes to entertainment! We seemingly just can’t get enough. No, what I’m talking about is exploration and expression of your creative side. Taking those gifts that you have, and applying them to fashion something that will be a reflection of the inner you…doing something that makes you a more fulfilled person by virtue of expressing a part of yourself. It’s in there, so it should come out!

You can’t say that time is the problem, because if you look at how much time you spend watching television that adds up to a lot. Of course I realize that there always seems to be time for those urgent, pressing things; those things that must be done. But why can’t there be time for those things that are meaningful? They are in fact just as important as all the daily-grind things…and perhaps even more important.

I think it’s such a shame that we live in a time when we feel pressure to “do life” versus “live life.” There are so many splendiferous things to spend our time on, and the fact is we only have x-number of hours allotted to us, so we need to be thoughtful about how we spend our life currency. I don’t know about you, but I want to spend my hours productively, and creatively; and it could very well turn out to be that what starts as creative pursuit may in fact be a life destiny!

What if Leonardo da Vinci never picked up a paint brush? What if the Beatles had never invested time into their musical aspirations? What if Michael Jackson hadn’t spent hours learning dance moves? We discover our personal greatness when we give ourselves over to the possibilities and make an investment in ourselves. I don’t know about you, but I want to find my personal greatness and dig for those treasures that lie within! Who knows, you might just be the next great artist, musician, designer, or dancer; and I might be the next great writer! So let’s step out and step up to the creative plate!

How to Put Together a Frugal Entertainment Kit for Your Family

The Dollar Store Entertainment Difference
The local dollar store or discount chain store has a wealth of craft ideas, entertainment options and endless ways to help you keep your family entertained. Pack up the children, set yourself a budget and then go shopping.

Bring Out Your Children’s Creative Spark
Old fashioned coloring books, art pads, paint, easels, pencils, felt markers, how to draw books and various bits and pieces of art and craft you can find at the dollar store. Then you can go to the library, or have a look at websites like Kidspot for the instructions for an endless variety of activities for your children to use their new craft equipment.

Your Children Can Make Their Own Design Store
Once your children have made their own creative art works, they can take photographs of their finished masterpieces and then set up a store easily on Café Press or order one off special gifts from Vista Print. It is simple to do and there are tutorials on how to set up their store.

Rainy Day Movie Experience
You can buy an unlimited amount of DVDS and movies from the dollar store, or from the second hand book store. If the DVDs are scratched, take them to your local video hiring store, which have a DVD repair machine and have them restored to brand new. Buy some microwave popcorn, get frozen pizzas, and then cook them up for an in-house movie experience. Great for the rainy days.

Get Your Children Active and Healthy
Your children need to get out and about. The World Health Organization and other government health organizations are recommending that children and teenagers need to increase the amount of physical exercise that they are doing. Get a picnic together with salad and fruit, and take your children to the park. You can also find some great outdoor toys from the dollar store, in order to supplement their activities. Find kites, balls, volleyball kits and a myriad of other activities for your children to do. A recent trip to the discount department store revealed a water balloon kit, and water pistols, which are great for when the weather is hot, and your children are bored. Don’t forget the old fashioned park equipment.

Check Out Your Local Government Website for Free Activities
Many local governments have now brought out community activities for free, to increase community participation and enjoyment. Shopping malls also have a myriad of activities for children and families to participate in. A shopping mall recently had a gold coin donation for petting some kittens and puppies, and also had boards around advertising upcoming children’s activities. Lots of churches and community organizations also list their free or low cost activities in the free newspaper or community radio, and also on the local government website.

You Don’t Have To Break the Bank for Your Entertainment Budget
There are so many different ways to entertain yourself and your family for free. I have listed here a few ways including going to local mall for activity ideas, going to the local dollar store and putting together some creative ideas, and also about finding inexpensive purchases from the discount department store for sports equipment. Also have a look at the video below for further ways to entertain your family on a tight budget.